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A step into the a new generation  A functional test system designed to provide the platform needed to address the universality desired in today’s reality of high capital cost of test equipment and short product life cycles. For large scale production testing and quality control, the Universal Test Stand is the least costly approach to providing long term test functionality.

DESIGN  The design has  the ability to be configured for a specific product, and can be be switched between product lines quickly as the needs of production dictate. The system also has flexibility to be adaptable to future needs. 


The use of a standardized "function matrix" is the key to the success of this new generation of test stands.



CONTROL    After  careful study of the many options for the base platform, the system that most fully met all design requirements objectives was  National Instruments' PXI platform. This powerful yet flexible computers system makes a truly universal  the test possible.

DESIGNED FOR FLEXIBILITY    Designed with a family of products in mind, flexibility was very high on the design parameters.

CONTROLLED EQUIPMENT    The variety of equipment specific test instrumentation is limitless. The diverse array of communication options assures the test system integrator that most all remote controlled equipment can be used in this system. This allows the system to be used as a control platform for a wide variety of functional testing. 

Designed so that all controllers and associated wiring is located within one cabinet, the system requires only the equipment needed to perform the intended task. This may be as few as one cabinet, but as many as the communication system requires. Some communication options allow for remote locations to be incorporated.

DESIGNED FOR CONSTRUCTION    Construction efficiency methods were ever present in the design process. Construction must be quickly accomplished when production dictates increased capacity. The system's  design consists of a modular configuration which allows each functional subassembly to be constructed on the bench and integrated quickly into a completed system. The system is highly connectorized, allowing the new or changed subassemblies to be quickly and efficiently integrated.

DESIGNED FOR MAINTENANCE    The subassembly type of construction described above is also the basis of quick repair. Each subassembly can be replaced on a "plug and play" type repair procedure. However, the physical configuration that influences the ability to trouble shoot the system most is the design that places all low level signal wiring in a single location with convenient access to the technician. All wiring is conveniently located at eye level, protected with a completely removable dust cover.

FIXTURING OPTIONS    The design intent of this system is that the fixtures which interface the product would be product specific. All fixturing is connectorized, thus minimizing the time to change from product to product. Simultaneous testing of multiple unit configurations may be  easily incorporated into the design.

RECONFIGURATION    Should the requirements of diverse products dictate that the test set be completely reconfigured, the ability to remove and replace connectorized subassemblies, minimizes change time. 

GET THE ADVANTAGE    The economies of this test system are that each test set can be configured different, yet all are based on a common platform. This offers a high degree of functionality and flexibility with benefits known to all. Efficiencies are realized in initial investment, in operating and maintenance, and portability between product lines.  


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